I'm a Brooklyn-based strategist who writes.

Passionate and always learning about gluten free baking, high quality fine tip pens, TikTok hacks, and K-dramas.

Enneagram Type 9, INFJ, Aries.

E: [email protected]

P: 425.318.9529



Research & Strategy Work:

Case Study: Caviar

Case Study: Amazon Alexa

Social & Editorial Content Work:

Case Study: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation / Goalkeepers 2018

Case Study: Microsoft 365 / B2B Content

Case Study: Microsoft Office / Social

Writing Samples

Archived but perhaps still of interest:

The User Guide to Working with Julie (2017)


Daily Collages / Forever peeling glue off my fingers.

Instagram: @thatladyjulie

Spotify: Julie Bourne

Twitter: @julieannebourne